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Govt has no business with church leadership– Rev’d James



Rev'd Dr. Olawuyi James

Rev’d Dr. Olawuyi James

Reverend Dr. Olawuyi James, the Chruch pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Ilorin, has said the state should not dictate how church run its leadership, but rather should limit itself to the finanacial control.

The clergy man made the statement at the press conference for the 50th Anniversary of the church, with programmes lined up for the next 18 days to commemorate the event.

Rev’d James made the statement in reaction to FInancial Control Act of the Federal Government, which had requested leaders of religious organisaitons to step down after 20 years in office.

This same policy led Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, to resign as the country overseer. The regulation was to see other General Overseers like Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, Kumuyi of Deeper Life, relinguish their postions, except the policy has now been suspended.

Rev’d James further stressed that the regulation, if not suspended could not be sustained, giving example that while would anyone suggest religious leader like the Sultan of Sokoto to relinguish is position as leader of Islamic community in Nigeria after spending 20 years, though he is still alive.

“Why would  someone deem it fit to ask Sultan of Sokoto, the leader of all muslims in Nigeria to resign after 20 years while he is still alive”, the clergy man querried.

He therefore advised the Federal Government to focus on financial control of the church and hold church leaders accountable, rather than dabble into church leadership.

“I strongly believe the state has no business dealing with who is in the church leadership and how long he spends there. They should rather focus on regulating the power of church leaders on financial matters”.