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I regret trekking to Abuja for Buhari – Hashimu Suleiman

man-who-trekked-meets buhari
Hushimu Suleiman was the man who trekked to Abuja from Lagos to celebrate President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory in the 2015 Presidential election and has described his action as a big mistake.

Suleiman said he regretted to have done such a big task for Buhari because the president has made life difficult for the masses. He said he was dissatisfied with the way Mr President has been ruling Nigerian in the last one year he assumed office.

He said, “For the regime to have thought that removing fuel subsidy at the moment is an option is very sad and unpalatable. Many workers and labourers find it difficult to put put food on their table, companies folding up, and cost of living rising.

“Contrary to the positive change Nigerians desire, the Federal Government has only intensified hardship for the masses.”

The last 8 month has been a tough moment for Nigerians as fuel scarcity lingers, sold between N100 and N300 per litre. But the said development was the increase in petrol pump price last week to the tune of N145 per litre.

Labour is currently on strike in most government miniseries and departments, though industrial court had issued an injunction against it the union insists it was a mere black market injunction and not worthy of their attention.

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