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Pat Utomi charges Nigerians to rise in solidarity against violence



Prof. Pat Utomi, a former presidential candidate and political economist, on Tuesday urged Nigerians to rise in solidarity against violence.

In a statement entitled: “They are all God’s children too’’, which he issued in Lagos, Utomi called out Nigerians to a spiritual, symbolic and practical halt to insecurity.

He urged Nigerians to turn out in groups everywhere they were in the country wearing white tops over black to symbolise light over darkness.

According to him, Nigerians should light candles and shake hands in extension of solidarity and the universal brotherhood of men.

Utomi urged Nigerians to sing the song: “Nigeria will rise again and post it on social media: #lightoverdarkness.

“I urge all Nigerians in a symbolic gesture to gather in groups this Saturday night, especially at midnight, wearing white tops over black.

“They should light a candle each and shake hands in symbol of friendship and the universal fraternity and intone the song: Nigeria will Rise up again.

“The song goes thus: Nigeria will Rise up again (2twice). God will heal our land, restore us anew, Nigeria will rise up again,’’ Utomi, a management expert, said

Describing recent attacks by terrorists and bandits as touching, Utomi said the situation had to change.

“We must say enough is enough and rise in solidarity in symbolic, spiritual, and special ways to offer fortitude to the afflicted, compassion to the frightened, and strategy to those in positions to act.

“I want to call on citizens to begin the cause of reclaiming Nigeria in solidarity; to raise light over darkness; peace over violence, and progress over poverty.

According to him, from that Saturday evening, till the end of Ramadan fasting, Nigerians should gather for a few minutes in their white tops, light candles, shake hands and sing Nigeria will rise up again.

“We must rise in solidarity with our fellow compatriots even if tribe and tongue may differ, for in brotherhood we stand,’’ Utomi stressed.

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