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If you kill Evans, I mus kill uncountable souls…Man threatens to replace Evans kidnapper



A Nigerian Facebook user identified as T Shine Sisi Eko has threatened to kill as many as possible if anything happens to the notorious kidnapper Chukwudi Onuamadike, best known as Evans.

FELLOW PRESS gathered that Evans has arrogated much wealth to himself in his shadowy business of kidnapping, with his recent manner of collecting ramsoms on dollars from his victims. He has also pleaded for mercy, said he repent of all evils he has perpetrated after photograph of his wive and children crying was show.

Sisi Eko, dressed feminine in his photo, is an artiste according to his profile status. He insulted government for arresting the billionaire kidnapper and threatened to replace Evans and even perpetrate worse crime if eventually he is killed.

T Shine Sisi Eko

His statement on his profile reads: