The Monkeypox virus has caused lot of panic and havoc in recent times but an expert in the field of public health has disclosed that definite vaccine or treatment is yet to be discovered, though the systems can be treated.

Professor Tanimola Akande, a Public Health and Consultant, University of Ilorin described Monkeypox as an uncommon viral disease that produces pox lesions similar to smallpox; it occurs mainly in remote parts of central and West Africa, near tropical rainforests.

“It is a rare zoonotic disease caused by the monkey pox virus, which belongs to the group of orthopox viruses. The orthopox viruses also include the vaccinia, cowpox, variola or small pox viruses. The first confirmed human monkey pox infection was reported in 1970 in Democratic Republic of Congo in a child of nine months.

On the treatment, Tanimola said, “There are no specific treatments or vaccines available for monkey pox infection but outbreaks can be controlled. The symptoms can however be treated”


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