You are a shameless man” Journalist, Kiki Mordi, blasts colleague Abiri Jones for shaming a lady who shared a sexy photo of herself

Journalist, Kiki Mordi, slammed a fellow journalist, Abiri Jones, today after he attacked a lady for sharing sexy photos of herself online.

The lady with the Twitter handle @inyourguts, shared the photos of herself below …

Abiri saw the photos and attacked the lady, calling her ugly, shameful and shameless. He also added that such photos encourage violence against women.

”Very Ugly. You’re the ones that encourages violent against women in our society. Look at the level in which you are. Shameful and shameless girl…”he wrote

Abiri also saw another sexy photo shared by another lady and attacked her, referring to her as ugly.

Kiki who is a strong advocate for women saw his tweet and blasted him, calling him a shameless man. She wrote

”You’re a shameless man Abiri Jones. A shame to your community, your profession, your NGO, your age, your gender… All round SHAME!” she wrote

Abiri has since deleted his comments.

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