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Ethiopian Christians rescued Muslims when driven from Mecca– Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, the spokesman to then-President Goodluck Jonathan, says it was the Christians in Ethiopia who offered Muslims asylum during persecution in Mecca.

The clergyman also said that most of the doctrines adopted in Islams originated from Ethiopian Christians including opening eyes while praying, male and female sitting separately during worship, facing the East while praying amongst others.

Omokri said, “Yesterday, at church, I was surprised at how Ethiopian Orthodox Christians pray and dress like Muslims. I asked the priest, ‘did you learn it from Islam?’. He laughed. ‘Muslims learnt many, if not most of their practices, from Ethiopia when we gave them asylum 1500 years ago’!‬

‘If not for Ethiopia, Muslims would have been wiped out by the Quraysh in Mecca’. He went on to tell me, ‘when the Muslims were driven from Mecca, we gave them Asylum. They met us praying with our eyes open, but looking down, and our hands outstretched in front of us.’ ‘We pray 7 times daily.‘

“He continued ‘men and women enter the church from different entrances and sit in different parts of the church. Our women cover their hair and body. Traditionally, we sit on the floor or on mats. We pray towards the East, because that is the direction Christ will come from in the Second Coming. We prostrate during worship’.

Reacting to the shocking revelation, Omokri said, “I was stunned. These people have records. They know the name of their king who gave prophet Mohammed’s (SAW) followers asylum and the date and place it occurred. Ethiopia is a place to be!”

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