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South Africa suspends COVID-19 containment plan after 750 days



South Africa has suspended its COVID-19 containment plan 750 days after it was implemented.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said the measure was due to a drop in the number of infections.

He said the COVID relief fund was to remain in place for the time being, as well as certain precautionary measures such as wearing masks indoors.

These regulations were to be phased out after a one-month transition period.

So far, 44 per cent of the adult population had been fully vaccinated.

According to the latest official figures, South Africa had 685 new daily infections and two deaths on Monday.

The African country worst hit by the pandemic in terms of numbers had imposed its five-stage alert plan on March 15, 2020, due to rising infection numbers.

The restrictions had a devastating impact on Africa’s second-largest economy, which also suffered from chronic power shortages.

Ramaphosa also promised structural reforms to rebuild the battered economy after the fallout from the restrictions.
The country was in recession before the pandemic and has an official unemployment rate of 35.3 per cent.

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