It was an unfortunate day for the man after he was allegedly caught stealing a motorcycle in Ilorin, Kwara State capital.

The crowd of commercial motocyclists angrily beat up the alleged thief with several blows and kicks until he passed out, FELLOW PRESS reports.

Asked about the whereabout of the motorcycle owner, his colleagues said he has since left when the thief was caught and his bike returned to him.

One of the commercial cyclists at the scene of jungle justice who spoke with our correspondence said, “the man stole a bike which belong to one of us, but before he could escape the owner raised alarm. He was blocked with vehicles and was apprehended while attempting to drive the bike away.”

Our correspondence also gathered that the owner had packed the bike outside GTBank branch at Unity Road, before it was stolen.

After the suspect had passed out as a result of several beatings, and the crowd were about to lynch him, the police arrived, stopped them and took his seemingly lifeless body away.


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