Wizkid seems to have gotten on the wrong side of fans and followers just a few days after receiving an astounding show of love and support for his birthday.

Social media users woke up to some ugly allegations of domestic violence leveled against the singer by his third baby mama and manager, Jada P.

In a post shared on her Instastory channel, the aggrieved lady started off by noting that she would no longer be working with the father of her child.

Jada said that she has been in an abusive relationship with the much loved singer for years, and she had only been covering up for him.

She claimed that he repeatedly beats her up and leaves her with bruises that have to be hidden from family and friends.

“From today I and Ayo no longer work together. I have been in an abusive relationship with him for years, covering up for him time and time again. I am tired.

“Wiz continuously puts his hands on me, leaves me with bruises that I cover up from he world including my friends and family. It often feels like we are at war in the same house,” she said.

Going further, Wizkid’s babymama expressed that she had done all within her capacity to keep things nicely patched but would now be letting go.

She said: “I have done all I can to keep this all together but from today I let go. You can support someone as much as you can but at some point you have to value yourself.

“I cannot raise my son in this kind of unhealthy environment.”



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