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Why we delay in giving DEVICE to volunteers, N-Power explains



N-Power says on Saturday that the delay in delivering devices to beneficiaries was necessary because the team is taking adequate measures to pre-load information on them so as to customize each device for each beneficiary.

In both short message and video released on N-Power social media, the scheme said it is avoiding mistakes.

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“Every single device is tagged to a single volunteer. So we need to take time to verify, check and make sure all apps are working properly so that it won’t get to the volunteers and start misbehaving”, a spokesperson of N-Teach team said.

It also said the names and ID of each volunteers are written on each device so as to avoid mistakes.

The scheme also said it was installing mojo, apks, and other enhancements to accompany the device based on the programme volunteer enrolled for.

Also the device are training-enhanced. For instance, device for N-Teach will serve the purpose of teaching on quality of a teacher, managing the classroom and learning lesson notes.

“The different parties are working hard to get your device to you. NOTE: That the first set is for existing beneficiaries who selected a device before March 27th, 2017.”, N-Power wrote.

Watch below video of the process the NPower team is taking to install and pre-load the device:

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