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N-Power assessment test has commenced for candidates who applied under Teach category and it is interesting to note that most applicants did not prepare for questions they are greeted with.

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The N-Teach applicants are apparently the last of the categories to be invited for tests, but in a bid to be appear to be most qualified for the available slots, most candidates have imputed extra-curricular skill they did not possess, FELLOW PRESS learnt.

Apart from the usual assessment test which everyone has to attempt, applicants who check boxes for extra skill have been asked to attempt questions in those field too.

Some might have to attempt about 2 to 3 tests additional based on extra skills such applicants claimed he/she possess, which ranges from Animation, Networking, Programming, Web Designs amongst other science related disciplines. Each STEM tests consists of not less than 10.

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Now that such applicants were asked to attempt STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) questions, they have complained bitterly about the difficulty of either understanding or providing solutions to such tests.

Investigation made by FELLOW PRESS on social media revealed that most candidates took to Twitter to seek redress from N-Power about the supposedly tough questions.

One Olomu Tejiri @Mista2pure disappointed by STEM toughness queried, “@npower_ng I did nt offend “9JA” so I seen no reason y u guys decided to ad skills evluatn to my assmnt test. Dn’t tel me I mistakenly did it..”

N-Power replied, “If you ticked certain skills then you would be required to write the STEM assessment test.”

Another applicant Okore Silas said, “what if I can’t remember the STEM Programme I clicked on during my application process, how do I know the stem programme I applied for?”, with reply from the scheme saying, “Not sure there is much else we can do”

Ebenezer Olusola @EbenezerOlusol9 also complained: “I attempted part one of STEM test before your update came out. I didn’t tick competency skills during registration.

N-power confirmed that candidates are to attempt all the STEM tests on the page after another applicant asked if they are to take the two STEM test or just one.

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N-Power is Nigerian Government initiative geared towards youths empowerment and skill aquisition through learning on the job, as Volunteers Corps are deployed to different government departments, with monthly stipends and computing device to facilitate their work.




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