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U.S bombers kill 35 pro-Iraqi’s militia



Fighter jets
U.S: Fighter jets kill pro-Iraqi’s militia

Fighters of pro-Iraqi government Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) have been bombed by U.S air force near Syrian border, recording heavy casualty.

Sputnik reports that the attack was carried out on Monday night killing 35 Iraqi’s militia unit called Seyid Suheda belonging to PMU.

The airstrike took place in Anbar province, close to Iraq’s border with Syria.

According to reports, aside the deaths, 25 were injured and PMU commanders are reportedly among the dead.

PMU commander Ali Hasim Huseyni confirmed the incident in conversation with Sputnik Turkiye.

“US planes bombed fighters of the Seyid Suheda unit.

“The wounded have been taken to various hospitals in Iraq for treatment. Some of them are in a serious condition.

“The region in which they were attacked is located on the Iraqi-Syrian border, 20 km from the city of El Baac. We strongly condemn this deliberate attack.”

The recent airstrike is not the first time that US forces have bombed pro-government fighters in Iraq.

“In October, an airstrike conducted by the US-led coalition in Iraq “most likely” killed around 20 pro-government Sunni tribal fighters south of Mosul.

Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, or Hashd al Sha’ abi, comprise approximately 100,000 fighters who are mostly Shia.

They have played a vital role in anti-terrorist operations in Mosul and elsewhere.

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