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N-Power has message for N-Teach Volunteers



N-Power has message for Teach Volunteers

The N-Power Volunteers under teaching category have been urged to partake in all the school activities that they might be required of them.

Noting that primary and secondary schools are on long holiday, the scheme advised the volunteers to be fully involved in school activities such as planning for the new session.

The message reads, “Dear Existing N-Teach Volunteer, Schools have closed for the Long Holiday but you are to partake in other extra teaching activities the school may require of you. This may include planning for the new session, meetings, summer classes, etc. You must make yourself useful in your community. #NPowerNG”

Recall that the first batch of the N-Power initiative started in December 2016, with larger proportion of the volunteers deployed as teaching assistants.

N-Power Teach Recap

N-Power has message for Teach Volunteers

The Federal Government is engaging and training young Nigerian graduates between the ages of 18 and 35 years in the N-power Volunteer Corp programme as teaching assistants.

N-Power teach volunteers will be engaged in a two years skills development programme while providing teaching support in our public schools. They will receive a monthly stipend and computing device to ensure their continues learning to advance unto economic jobs.

Through N-power Teach our young graduates who are currently unemployed are empowered for success while paving the way for efficient and responsive public school system.

N-power is an initiative of the National Social Investment Programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The second batch application process is ongoing, as the registration portal closed July 27 and respective applicants writes their assessment tests.



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