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N-Power: Why participants are not paid stipends



Following dissatisfaction from those not paid stipends in the first batch of the N-Power, the scheme has come out to clarify the issue, saying all the fronts for validation were not met by some states.

The N-Power is a Federal Government initiative to eradicate poverty and empower unemployed youths by fixing them at work environment to acquire the required skill to be resourceful and be entrepreneurial later in life.

The programme kick-started December 2016, and states that were validated earliest started having their beneficiaries receiving monthly stipends of N30,000 since December, while some started receiving in January. Most paid beneficiaries have earned 7 months so far, FELLOW PRESS gathered.

Making an infographic analysis, the scheme said there are three fronts of physical validation each state should make participants go through.

“Physical validation was done against your age, qualification and place of residence”, N-Power stated.

Unfortunately many states just deployed everyone sent to them without undergoing the 3 fronts physical validation. It said payment would not be made to such people.

See below infographic that explain the non-payment of some existing beneficiaries:

N-Power also stated other possible scenarios why beneficiaries might not have been getting paid:

  • Unmatched BVN
  • Matching BVN, but your names don’t match, at least two of your names provided on the portal must matchwith the BVN records provided for you to be paid.
  • The bank account given isnot linked to the BVN. Benefiary didn’t link BVN to his bank account
  • Beneficairies gave non NUBAN account number. NUBAN is the National Uniform Banking Account number, not the 14, 15,16 we used to have before, so if you gave us a non NUBAN account number you also cannot be paid.
  • Beneficiaries provided accounts that were set up during your NYSC that was profiled not to take more than 19,000 naira, so when we try to pay you 30,000, the banks return your money saying that the account cannont receive tha amount of money.

N-Power added that they are “currently working to sort out all of your payment issues for 11, 540 beneficiaries”.

In a related development, an N-Power beneficiary, Audu Omaiza, who just received his first stipend in June took to Twitter to celebrate his new status.

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