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Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media, Mrs Lauretta Onochie, has said some people’s desire is to see his him dead.

According to Onochie, enemies of Buhari go to extent of hiring marabouts and pastors to pray evil prayers and charms that the president should die.

Aswering Punch why she thinks those set of people would want president dead, Mrs Onochie said it is their desire to fulful their selfish interest as some people are standing trial.

Her words: “Those who have arrogated wealth to themselves and their families alone; they squandered national resources. Some are already standing trial and want all possible means to see president dead.

“As some of them are already in trouble with Nigeria and they felt President Buhari’s campaign against corruption, they would be held accountable for financial impropriety and lapses they have created in the nation.

“And since they can not do lay hands on the President physically, they opted for spiritual means in order to get rid of him so as to continue their way of corruption, nepotism which has dragged the nation backward so far. This enemies of progress don’t want to see him succeed in fighting evils that are in government”


But Buhuari’s media personal assistant nevertheless said God who brought the President to seat of power and gave Nigerians wisdom to vote out the government that looted the common treasury, that same God will see Nigeria though.