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N-Power gives update on recruiting 400,000 new beneficiaries, discharges Batch A and B

The youth empowerment programme of the Federal Government, N-Power, has stated that the recruitment of 400,000 new beneficiaries will start this week.

The scheme said in a statement that, “This week, the N-Power portal will re-open for registration. 400,000 beneficiaries will be taken from the application pool.
Here are some tips to get ready: 1. Get your BVN ready; 2. Ensure you are are not an existing employee in any organization; 3. Application is online so ensure when you are applying, you have good internet service.”

N-Power also clarified that present beneficialries, that is batch A and B, were never promised any financial support at the inception of the programme when they would be disengaged.

This came after a Facebook user asked: “Npower officer hope you will support us financially, bcos throwing us back just like that into the labour market is a great problem to this country.”

And Npower’s reply was: “You were well informed about the program from it inception and at no point did we promised beneficiaries any financial support during disengagement as we believed you should have some savings for such a time as this. Wishing you well in your future endeavors.”

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