Covid-19: 501 new cases recorded in Nigeria, eight more deaths

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Nigeria on Saturday recorded 501 new cases of the novel coronavirus, according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCD).

In a tweet via its official handle, the NCDC also recorded eight additional deaths within the past 24 hours.

The country’s total infections have now risen to 15,682.

In usual fashion, Lagos reported the highest number of cases with 195 new cases and the FCT was second with 50 new infections.

Other states with new cases include Kano (42), Kaduna (27), Edo (26), Oyo (22), Imo (21), Gombe (17), Benue (12), Enugu (12), Delta (11), Anambra (11), Ebonyi (10), Nasarawa (9), Ogun (9), Bauchi (8), Kebbi (4), Akwa Ibom (3), Jigawa (3), Katsina (3), Yobe (2), Borno (2), Kwara (1) and Ondo (1).

The novel coronavirus has killed at least 427,495 people worldwide since the outbreak emerged in China last December, according to a tally from official sources compiled by AFP at 1900 GMT on Saturday.

At least 7,711,490 cases of coronavirus have been registered in 196 countries and territories. Of these, at least 3,458,300 are now considered recovered with 4,523 deaths and 136,525 cases logged over the past 24 hours.

The tallies, using data collected by AFP from national authorities and information from the World Health Organization (WHO), probably reflect only a fraction of the actual number of infections.

Many countries are testing only symptomatic or the most serious cases.

The United States is the worst-hit country with 115,059 deaths from 2,061,315 cases. At least 547,386 people have been declared recovered.

After the US, the hardest-hit countries are Brazil with 41,828 deaths from 828,810 infections, Britain with 41,662 deaths from 294,375 cases, Italy with 34,301 deaths from 236,651 cases, and France with 29,398 deaths from 193,616 cases.

Per 100,000 population, Belgium has the highest fatality rate with 83 deaths ahead of the United Kingdom (61), Spain (58), Italy (57), and Sweden (48).

China — excluding Hong Kong and Macau — has to date declared 4,634 deaths and 83,075 infections with 78,367 recoveries.

Europe overall has 187,405 deaths from 2,382,860 cases, the United States and Canada have 123,216 deaths from 2,159,686 infections, Latin America and the Caribbean 76,672 deaths from 1,579,124 cases, Asia 22,449 deaths from 808,221 cases, the Middle East 11,485 deaths from 554,472 cases, Africa 6,137 deaths from 227,430 cases, and Oceania 131 deaths from 8,698 cases.

As a result of corrections by national authorities or late publication of data, the figures updated over the past 24 hours may not correspond exactly to the previous day’s tallies.