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Details of how suicide bomber killed 21 in Kano


Details have emerged how the suicide bomber killed more than 21 Muslim worshipers in Dakasoye village of Kano State yesterday Friday.

According to the head of the commander of the Shia movement, Muhammad Turi, who said apart from the men who died, more than 45 were injured, said the incident happened by 2pm after a suicide bomber was arrested but unfortunately there was other suicide bomber in the procession who was quick to detonate the bomb in the bid to arrest him.

Both suicide bombers were in the procession but one was arrested by the vigillante group and other detonate the device, Turi told reporters.


Turi disclosed that the arrested suicide bomber said he was from Mubi, abducted by the Boko Haram insurgents and trained in Sambisa forest in the scheme of suicide bombing. The suicide bomber also said he was taken to Kano and Gwamaja, near Kano metorpolis with other of his kind before being deployed to carry out the deadly mission in the village where he was arrested.

The Kano police commissioner and his men had problem extracting the arrested suicide bomber from the vigillante group, the leader of the group said they would only play into the Commissioner’s game f the El Zakky Zakky directed otherwise.

Turi also noted that the movement would not be deterred from embarking on its journey to Zaria, because it would mean an act of cowardice of the death threat make them draw back from performing religious obligations.

He was proud to said that the dead 21 members have elevated to martyrdom and that they would have been accepted by “Allah to the bliss of Janatul Firdausi”.

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