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DSS warns that Boko Haram plans to attack churches, mosques and markets in Abuja

The Nigerian security operatives have alerted the religious bodies resident in Abuja to be careful of the plots of the Boko Haram as the terrorist group is planning to launch a attach.

The warning was contained in a memo, signed by Director of DSS, FCT, Abuja, which state the terrorist is planning to attack mosques, churches and market places making use of suicide bomber girls.

The memo was addressed to both the Christian Association of Nigeria and National President Jama’atu Nasril Islam, to raise alarm that the religious oganization should alert their members of the warning and that they should report to the authorities any suspicious element found around the place of worship

The emergencies lines to call are: 09053872209, 09053872208, 09063872207.

The memo emphazisee that the terrorists are planning to use young girls in the attack. The letter in part, reads:

“Intelligence reaching this office revealed that insurgents are planning to attack the Federal Capital Territory. Their main targets are worship centres and markets with the use of young girls as members of aid groups to carry out their planned attacks.

The letter further says that worshipers in Abuja should be extra vigilance, especially being careful of unknown person dressed as rescue personnel standing around worship centers and markets.

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