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My real age is 75 years, not 74 — Buhari



Against the popular knowledge that President Muhammadu Buhari clocked 74 on December 17, he is actually 75 years old. He made the shocking revelation on Monday.

According to President Buhari, his real age had been mistakenly understated, saying “It has been a tumultuous year. I am thinking I am 75. I thought I was 74 but I was told I’m 75.”

He made that statement at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, when visited for Christmas by delegation led by the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Muhammed Bello.

Buhari had celebrated 75th birthday with top government officials two Sundays ago, and according to record he was born in Daura, the present day Katsina State. on December 17, 1942.

The President also recalled about his health challenges for which he was away from the country for many months in the year 2017.

“I am very grateful for taking time out on a very important day to come out and spend it with us.

“I have never been so sick, not even during the 30-month civil war that I was stumbling under farm of yams or cassava.

“But this sickness…I don’t know, but I came out better. All those who saw me before said I looked much better when I came back.

“But I have explained it to the public that as a General, I used to give orders. But now, I take orders. The doctors told me to feed my stomach and sleep for longer hours. That is why I am looking much better.”

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