Most people would have loved to have equality exercised not only in areas of gender right but in matters of responsibilities.

Please marry me. Surprised, the guy started pacing, only to walk away after giving her a hug

Such is welcome, only that men has always proved to be at the deciding side, even now still, even when women decide to experiment a switch.

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We may not have idea why he turned her down, but what we are sure of is the guilt that will follow the lady, at least for some moment, will be frightening.

Even on her knees, the boyfriend still refused to say yes, though most men would have done that on one knee for his babe. Distraught and crying bitterly, refused to be comforted by her friend. Definitely, men don’t always get yes too when proposing to ladies. So gender equality has once again manifested.

Just a huge, then good bye. ‘Ain’t doing that baby.’
Boyfriend left, however appreciated the offer

That was the ordeal of the lady who would not wait for a guy she fell in love for to propose to her.

Refused to be comforted. Could’nt believe her eyes her man just left


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