Sonia and Jessica are of Urhobo decent, who shared their photos on Instragram kissing each other on lips, a very rear occurences between siblings.

This photos has in no small way received heavy criticisms on the Internet, as some thought lesbian alert has been activated.

Drama started yesterday when Sonia Voke posted the kissing selfie and Jessica responded by declaring love for her. While many people thought the familial expression was cute, others found their display unsettling.

On upset Instagrammer had this to say about the photo: “That’s some lesbian shit right there. I have never kissed my kids or my family in the mouth. That’s how them kids get confused.”

This is not the first time of such occurrences.

A similar scenario played out on Instagram involving Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo. In December 2015, the happy dad shared a photo of him kissing his daughter on the lips, but fans found it offensive, trolled the actor, forcing him into deleting the photo. Same has also happened with rapper The Game who kissed his daughter on her lips.

Showing any sort of intimacy with one’s family members have often upset people who grew up differently, who weren’t shown that type of love as children, and so when, as adults, they find parents or sibling expressing such love, they freak out.

And it is for this reason that some people have risen to defend these sisters.

“Nothing spectacular. I kiss my mom like this. Sometimes even my older brothers when it’s been a while we see. Just that nobody has thought to capture those moments cos it’s never for the gram. It came from the heart as an appreciation for something or a celebration for time spent away. I don’t think anything is wrong with this,” said one concerned Instagram user.

And another added, “I don’t see anything wrong with this, they probably just did the pose for the pics and nothing more.”


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