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Dramaic moment as Apostle Suleman solve couple’s dispute in Church [VIDEO]



In the video, Apostle Johnson Suleman was seen intervening between couple who have issue with trust as the man has 2 children born of another women.

The marriage which was on the verge of breaking, say thoudands of church members as witness while Apostle Suleman plays counselor and judge to the case.

The wife, who has no children and threatened to pack out of the house, also accused the man of cheating with other women, not giving eating her food, and not giving her money beautify her hair.

The husband on the other hand accused her of being possessed of devil and asked Suleman to deliver her as condition to take her back.

In the hilarious video, the clergy advised all women, ladies alike to calm down and never talk back at men in the midst of hot conversation. “If you can’t keep quiet, you can’t keep you home”, he said.

Watch the video below:

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