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I wear high heels because men’s shoes give me pain– Pastor



A pastor who went viral recently on social media and suffered mockery for wearing high heels to church has explained that he had to stop wearing men’s shoes to avoid body pain and other illnesses.

When photos of the Togolese pastor emerged on social media, many users of the various platforms could not understand why no other than a man of God would choose to wear shoes meant for females.

However, Iharare reports him as saying that God himself directed him to shun mem’s shoes and resort to those of women.

According to him, he used to wear men’s shoes and suffered body pains and many other illnesses as a result, but ever since he heeded the direction of God to switch to high heels, he has been relieved.

“I wore men’s shoes…but I suffered from it. I have long suffered from illnesses such as body aches and other ailments that numerous medical consultations could not cure.

“In my prayers, God himself revealed himself to me and advised me to wear these shoes that you see…since then I’ve been running it 24/7, my pain is gone,” the man of God is quoted as having said.

He went further to dispel rumours that aside from the high heels, he wears women’s clothes too.

“I don’t wear women’s clothes like people have said on social media but I wear all kinds of shoes, according to the calling I received.”

Well, since he said it is an instruction from God, it remains between him and the creator.

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