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Lady announces she is looking for husband on Twitter



Beautiful lady on Twitter identified as Jei Monroe, has put on search party for suitor, who will eventually become her husband.

While sharing new pictures, @JeiMonreo wrote, “God said he that finds a wife..but He also said faith without works is dead, so I need ya’ll to RT because my husband could be on your TL..”

Jei would invite those who retweet her post to their wedding

Jei Monroe also said she those who retweets will be invited to our wedding. You get an invite! You get an invite! You get an invite! Everbody gets an invite!!!”

Many people have been impressed with her courage and wished her the best in finding husband.

Updating her search querry project, Jei said her direct Messages is getting filled up with suitors

Wishing her best of luck while selecting.

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