Lecturer commits suicide after convertion to part-time in Ilorin

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Dr. Solomon Osunola, a lecturer at the department of Crop Production in Kwara State University, Malete has committed suicide.

University spokesperson, Isiaka Aliagan, who disclosed that the deceased was a Lecturer 1 and that the incident happened on Friday in Ilorin, adding that Osunlola joined the institution full-time in 2010.

“However, during staff verification, it was discovered that Osunlola retired from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, before taking up a full-time appointment with KWASU.

“But, in spite of this discovery, the university, in August 2017, converted Osunlola’s appointment to a contract engagement on compassionate grounds,” he said.

Sources indicated that the school had conveyed its conversion of Osunlola’s appointment to him via a letter signed by the Registrar.

The sources, however, said that the loss of his full-time status led to a steady decline in Osunlola’s mental stability as he became depressed and “started misbehaving”.

“One of his friends even offered to assist him to secure a job at Landmark University, but the deceased did not submit his credentials when he was asked.

“Another friend also took him to a cleric for prayers and counselling after noticing that he was depressed,” the sources added.

A family source said that relations broke the deceased’s door when he did not come out in the morning on Friday where they discovered that he that he had committed suicide.