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Former president, Goodluck Jonathan seems to be enjoying his post-presidency period as he was spotted in Rivers state alongside his wife, Patience after disembarking from what many presume to be their private jet.

The former president was highly commended when he handed over power to Muhammadu Buhari after the latter defeated him at the 2015 presidential election.

Jonathan was cheered by supporters as he alighted from the aeroplane with his wife on Sunday, October 2.

Goodluck Jonathan arrives Rivers with his wife, Patience

Goodluck Jonathan arrives Rivers with his wife, Patience

One Amos Akere who shared the photos of the former president posted: “The father of democracy former president of Nigeria HE. Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his wife HE Dame Patience Ebele Jonathan live in Port Harcourt”

The post elicited various reactions as while some applauded the former president for his service, other blamed for the current economic challenge the country was going through.

Chijioke Michael Igbokwe wrote: Best president ever! He handed over the best economy in Africa, but now, APC has crippled our nation. They have brought us to our very knees, turned us into a nation of beggars and paupers and reduced us to cowardly and timid slaves. Our government is corrupt, weak, paranoid, incompetent, cowardly, fearful of criticism, terrified of strong opposition! This is time. Corruption is everywhere under APC led government. This government is undoubtedly confused and in disarray!


Murtala Sani wrote: People worldwide have been asking one question since this story broke: What kind of person opens five accounts in one bank in one day? Mama Peace, may your twenty million dollars continue to rest in TSA account. I hope you all see why this woman campaigned and called Buhari brain dead.

You see why they she said she does not want to visit her husband in prison

I hope you see why the country is broke.

I hope you all see why Niger Delta Avengers asked Buhari to drop cases of corruption in Niger Delta

I hope you have all seen why they want to divide the country now.

Fear, the fear of being caught , the fear of being exposed.

It’s now glaring.

Where ever you are in this country, north or south. Whether u want Biafra dont pray for these kind of people to rule over you..

You will not move forward as a country Dear Good People of Nigeria!

You are now getting real official parameters because Nigeria has changed from falsehood to reality!


Chisom Onyibor JP wrote: My able president you are highly welcomed sir God will continue to bless you and your generation.

Gbenga Idowu Adeyemi wrote: Father of corruption and husband of a thief

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