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The embattled pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry Wordwide, Apostle Johnson Sulaiman, has made statement bordering sexual allegations levelled against him. He said there are two things he feared most in life, and are his marriage and reputation.

He made the confession while minstering at his church’s International Ministers Conference, tagged ‘Minster without Blemish’.

The programme video was posted on Youtube.


Apostle Johnson Suleman during the church service said that all that has been happening to him was a set up and that it was for his promotion.

He went further to say that his marriage and reputation are two things he feared so much in his life.


He are things he said:

‘Even some unbelievers know that this is a set up …

‘The church will always win…

‘For the burial and resurrection of Christ Friday was painful, Saturday was painful but Sunday …

‘Am not going to say anything until Sunday.

‘Am sorry to say even some members of this our church were having double mind
Please mark those members if they are in any department remove them because those are demons. You see me overtime and somebody can tell you things.

‘In the battle where you are innocent may you not die before the truth is real …because even Jesus that was the greatest pain. He was already dead when they said he was the Son of God.

‘It is for my promotion I will confess today.

‘Two things I fear in my life and I hold them so much. I live for them. One is my marriage, two my reputation.

‘Am very carful what I do, where I go because of these things. And these things they came after. There is nothing else…

‘Thanks God for my wife. Thanks God for my wife.

As I speak to you I have not watched her video were she said what she said. I have not read it I refused to…

‘Everything about this Mama I have not …

‘There are things I don’t want to get into my mind .

‘Somebody tells you he wants a child the next thing somebody gives you something to drink to remove the child. They could have planned it well. The story is not … they could have look for a very good scriptwriter.

‘My joy is I will be alive and see the reward of the wicked …

‘My offence is why are they killing Christians and the truth is this I ve just started talking
‘Prepare more! Prepare more!! Prepare more!!!

‘All is well no shaking

‘If you want to follow the Grace of God in my life you must be a lion. It makes you big BIG.

‘Yeye dey smell …

‘It is a good thing. It is a good thing. It is not our fight.

‘It is not our fight.

‘If you are a pastor understand we are not fighting a physical fight.

‘The three fight of Joseph: One was from his brothers, two was from his reputation, his garment was with Potiphar’s wife. How can you deny ?

‘Three was from government Potiphar puts him in prison
‘Every minister must go through these phase.

‘The brethren will fight you, your reputation will be targeted ,the government come after you.

‘I have passed through the three …

‘If can I come out of battle may you come out of battle …’



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