One would wonder if plans are put into place, visibility checks and sustainability are considered for some of the projects that ends up in shambles, despite clamour that the economy has yet to recover from its perennial recession. Wastage should be the last error any well-meaning administration can overlook, especially in times like this.

unfortunately, this was the present scenario in Kwara, following checks FELLOW PRESS made on the abandoned office structures erected and sold by the state government.

The 75 detached duplex offices, which is located on the popular Fate road, Ilorin, is said to have been sold for N6.5 million each.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an top government officer hinted FELLOW PRESS that the property have all been sold out. “I can attest to the fact that the offices have all been sold out, each at the cost of N6.5 million, because my department executed the sales. The project was completed last year.

Despite spending huge money acquiring such assets, the owners have deserted the structure, leaving it fallow and the surrounding unkempt.

Asked why the facility is left unused, the officer said, “it’s left to the owners to decide when to move into their offices or whom to sell it to. Kwara government has built the structures, it’s left for them to start utilizing. I don’t know what they are still waiting for.”

So what could have accounted for such an abandonment of N487.5 million estate? Findings by FELLOW PRESS revealed that most owners regreted making the purchase as the vicinity is not business inclined, as transaction in the area is not bouyant enough to cover for the cost of rentage.

A businessman who also has an office not far from the abandoned offices, Mr. Iyiola, expressed sadness for such a waste, said he doubted if any one can afford the rentage of the offices.

“Estate agents acquired those offices for millions of naira and  wonder who can rent such shop and what type of business they can do in such a lonely place to make income that will cover such huge rentage,” he said.




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