Kenny Saint Best has revealed the why she only signs gospel music, while there are opportunities in secular songs, even as some who started out singing gospel has diverted to other genre.

The seasoned singer who had blazed in the music industry while singing secular songs divulged that everyone has a season and that other artistes appreciates her flexibility to adapt to other styles of music.

“Everyone has a season and I’m privileged to know my season. When it was time to write books I wrote them, when it was time to do politics I went ahead to do it. But the season I’m in now is the new age; what I’m doing now is worship, soul music. It’s intentional, because if I’m going to collaborate with mainstream secular acts it’s going to be funky praise and worship and on my own terms, depending on the artiste.

“There were so many of them I did collaborations with in the past, like Konga and Jaywon”, she said. According to her, now that she is focused on gospel music, she is still the first gospel artiste that comes to mind whenever secular artistes intend to collaborate with a gospel musician.

“Whenever they want to do gospel music, the first person that comes to them is KSB, the person who can bounce on their vibe and their own beat without any issue. You can’t be there at Live in Worship and then you are at Femi Kuti’s shrine the next day jumping with the likes of Konga and others. So it’s the season and the season now calls for praise and worship, specifically worship, so I’m going to concentrate on that,” she added.


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