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VIDEO: Olamide & Young John- Update

Olamide has released another hit single ‘Update’ with the wicked producer, a.k.a Young John.

Until now, rapper Olamide’s apparently went on vacation as all the songs released were not just it, until the Bariga-born went back to drawing board, talking of the person that knows how to make it happen, Young John. Then the both released ‘Wo’.

The success of ‘Wo’ has given birth to another hit, ‘Update’. Young John has successfully fine-tuned Olamide’s songs for a comeback in Nigeria entertainments.

Moral lesson: Never be bored with those who fixes things.

Now you don’t need to ask if the producer is wicked on the good side or bad. Do you?

With the song’s uptempo beat and high-energy verses, “Update!” feels like an unofficial sequel to “Wo!” – and in a weird twist, it’s a sequel that is just as good as the original. Now, all we need, for the culture, is an Olamide album produced exclusively by Young John. We are dancing just thinking about it.

Check on ‘Update’:

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