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Why I didn’t sue Amber Heard over 2016 accusation — Johnny Deep



As Johnny Depp settled down for day two on the witness stand there was only the briefest glance across the court towards where his ex-wife Amber Heard was sitting.

Throughout it all she sat watching intently, occasionally writing a few notes as Mr Depp began to describe his views about their relationship – a relationship she says was violent and abusive.

On day one of his testimony, his answers at the beginning had been marked by hesitations and long searches for the right words.

The Johnny Depp of day two was immediately rather more fluent as he described how their marriage disintegrated and how he felt her behaviour had become controlling and belittling.

It was, he said, an “endless parade of insults and looking at me like I was a fool”.

“I was not allowed a voice.”

The reason for the long description on the previous day of his problematic relationship with his mother now began to make sense. The criticisms from Ms Heard and his responses to it made him realise he was in a relationship with his “mother”.

There was a little smile as he reflected on what he had said.

He also talked about celebrity and the impossibility of dealing with everything that was written about him.

“Your arms are too short to box with God,” he said.

His drinking was, he said, a means of dealing with the pain of the relationship. It was Ms Heard who would strike him, he claimed. He would retreat, booking extra rooms when they were travelling so he had a place to escape.

As they rose for recess, he looked straight ahead.

Ms Heard watched, her face giving nothing away.

Her side of the story is yet to be told.

Under cross-examination, Ms Heard’s lawyer Ben Rottenborn had Mr Depp confirm that his name is not mentioned in the 2018 op-ed in question.

“I think that its very easy to write a piece and put the finger on someone without saying their name,” Mr Depp replied.

“There are sneaky ways of writing things.”

The lawyer also asked why Mr Depp did not sue after Ms Heard accused him of assault in a restraining order two years earlier, in May 2016.

“I was advised by my attorney not to fight,” Mr Depp said.

Mr Rottenborn additionally introduced into evidence a divorce document the couple signed in August 2016 that stated: “Neither party has made false accusations for financial gain.”

The defamation trial is now into its second week.

Earlier, the jury heard evidence presented by the celebrity ex-couple’s former therapist, who described how Mr Depp and Ms Heard engaged in “mutual abuse”, as well as from medical workers who treated Mr Depp as he was detoxing himself from opiates.

Several high profile witnesses, including the entrepreneur Elon Musk and the actors James Franco and Paul Bettany, are to appear later in the trial, which is expected to last at least another month.

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