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Actress Nkechi Blessing’s marriage crashes with husband, admits being lesbian



Popular Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing and her husband, Opeyemi Falegan, have both ceased to be in a relationship.

Although the duo were believed to be married, for the first time on Wednesday, the actress said she was never married to Falegan.

The estranged lovers made this known when they confirmed their broken relationship in separate videos on Instagram.

Preliminary investigation reveals that the lovebirds’ outburst came after a blog accused the famous actress of having a secret affair with a realtor for an endorsement deal.

Aside from acting, Nkechi is the Group Managing Director of a real estate company, Ojulowo – Omoluabi Empire Holdings Limited in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital. The actress is being accused of dating the owner of the company.

Lately, the actress, who has a love-hate relationship with her fans, has been in the news because of her affair politician boyfriend and many controversies.

In his accusation, the blogger tagged Nkechi as Falegan’s wife.

Responding to the blog’s accusation, Nkechi, who was shedding tears, rained curses on the anonymous owner of the Blogspot.

She also attacked her ex-lover, insisting that the relationship ended in February when she sent him out of her hotel room.

In the same video, she told her over 2million Instagram followers that she has had female sexual partners and looks forward to having more.

The movie star, while beating her chest in rage, affirmed that she is a lesbian and is proud of it.

“I’m coming out with my full chest that I’m a lesbian, so what now happened? This life will end? If you say I’m a lesbian, yes with my full chest, I am. I f**k girls a lot if that’s what you want to hear,” she said.

Falegan debunked the claim of being her husband in his video on Wednesday, saying, ” I am nobody’s husband.”

He said: “I don’t want to be known for any notoriety or anything controversial. I have a name, that name is my pride. I want to be known as someone who added value to people and who will keep doing the work for people.

“I have a name that I am trying to protect here. Anything at all, husband of who? Where did you see the husband?“I’m not the husband of a lesbian, put some respect on my name.”

Addressing his statement on her Instagram, Nkechi Blessing also confirmed the split with her husband, warning that anyone who is with him should be ready to feed him.

In December last year, during an interview, the actress described social media critics as a source of strength in her relationship.

In the same interview, Nkechi, as she is fondly called, advised Annie Idibia not to take issues bordering on her relation to social media.

That was coming when Annie and her husband were experiencing turbulence in their marriage. Falegan debunked the claim of being her husband in his video on Wednesday, saying, ” I am nobody’s husband.”

In February, Nkechi’s estranged husband had taken to his Instagram handle to celebrate her with beautiful words.

Falegan wrote: “Happy birthday, my goddess, my hope, joy, and happiness. Please be with me forever, my love. My eternal love for you is my vision, my hope, my goal, and my soul. Together forever.”

In the comment session, Nkechi wrote, “My property is my property. It’s forever, daddy. So use love to choke me tonight.”

But to the surprise of social media users, the two love birds disowned each other on Wednesday evening on Instagram.

Later around 2:00 a.m. on Thursday, in a live video with her fans watched by over six thousand viewers simultaneously, Nkechi explained that “This relationship ended in February when I chased him out of my hotel room, but today something led to all these tonight.

When asked why she cried during one of her live videos, the actress further explained, ” I am a partner at a real estate Company called Ojulowo- Omoluabi Empire Holdings Limited. So for every land I sell, I know how much I get.

“So tonight, Gistlover published that I am dating the Chairman of the company, Omoluabi Estate, and that got me freaked out. But before I can say, Jack! I saw a video where Opeyemi was saying, ‘I am nobody’s husband and all,’ and that got me extremely angry, and that was what caused my anger and outburst.

“Meanwhile, I was never married to him, but because I call him ‘Oko mi’ Yorubas, take it that he is my husband, but he is never my husband.

“For Omoluabi, he is just a man always interested in business and business alone. When people like him continue to make money, people will think it is a money ritual.

“All some people think once they see you with the opposite sex is love affair or sex. Can’t this set of people think straight? ”

The live video lasted for several hours.

Nkechi Blessing got her first shot at fame when she produced her first movie, ‘Omoge Lekki’ in 2015, starring herself, alongside Yinka Quadri.

The following year, the movie won the MAYA Awards and she was nominated in the Revelation of the year category

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