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Victor Rodiya: Lion King (Audio + Lyrics)



About the Song
Lion King is a prayer-sound that enforces the Dominion mandate in Christ Jesus against any issue contrary to his plan in our lives.

The Lion has Roared, who will not fear? (Amos 3:8)

Now, Jesus sometime refer to himself as our brother, and we gain light from Rev 5:5 where Jesus was referred to as the “lion of the tribe of Judah”, It therefore means every believer carries this same gene of Christ’s tribe. Because, you can’t have a Lion as a brother except you’ve got that gene as well. You and I carry his divine gene.

So, Rise up! Its time to chase out every delay, manipulation, frustration, lack, sicknesses and all sponsored by the kingdom of darkness. The Devil has never been the lion, he only roars like one. Even if he was, “Christ is the real LION KING”.

Song Produced by Mike_Wealth;
Listen and be blessed!

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Song Lyrics
We know the Lion of Judah
He never sleeps nor slumber
He is our King,
We are his own

ee ee ee eee

The devil may bluff but we know who the real lion is,
Satan may Prowl but we know who the real lion is,
Jesus my king,
I am his own.

(Tongues & Chorus repeat)

The lion is roaring
Who will stand?
The Lion is roaring
Who will wait ?

© Victor Rodiya

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