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Acting academy in Nigeria will be operational mid 2022 – Lateef Adedimeji



Popular Nigerian actor, Lateef Adedimeji, says his Acting Academy in Nigeria will become fully operational in 2022.

FELLOW PRESS reports that the academy is being floated by Adedimeji to help groom budding actors in Nigeria to stardom.

The actor said on Thursday in Lagos that those groomed by the academy would be followed up to stardom.

“I am starting soon, by the middle of this year I should be launching an academy, but it is just going to be 10 people per year , so that I can push them to a reasonable level and see that within a year, they appear in all my productions.

“In my opinion, 10 persons a year is enough. If I have 50 and I release them at the same time every year, how do I even monitor them?.

“To raise other people, you must measure how far you have attained some level of growth,” he said.

He added that as an actor, part of his Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was to give back to society that had supported his career.

“I also have a Non-Governmental Organisation, ‘Great Minds Initiative’. I have about 80 youths from different universities, we engage in outreaches and gather at the youth centre on a monthly basis to discuss their challenges.

“We also have those in schools that we try to pay their fees. We have them all, rape victims, domestic abuse and violence victims. We just get them to talk and see how we can raise one another.

“So, we must strive to put a lot of the people that follow us on the right track and not just use the fame to lead people astray,” he said.

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