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Howie Mandel recovering after being rushed to hospital

Howie Mandel has given update about his health, saying he had a colonoscopy a few days ago, which resulted in him being dehydrated.

He says he continued working after the procedure and was drinking a lot of caffeine, which made him even more dehydrated.

Howie says it all culminated in him getting dizzy and not being able to stand up when he was at Starbucks.
Seems like he’s laughing it all off … on his official YouTube page, he cracked a few jokes about the whole thing.

He has been released from the hospital, is back home and is doing better, according to his official Twitter account, he passed out as a result of being dehydrated and having low blood sugar.

Howie thanked the doctors and nurses who took care of him at the hospital, and for everyone who reached out … and says he’s doing okay.

Howie Mandel went to his favorite Starbucks in Woodland with his wife and friends Wednesday for a coffee, and left in an ambulance after passing out outside the coffee chain.

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