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Funke Akindele replies to Buhari’s comment




Funke Akindele has boldly admitted that she is not a woman meant for the kitchen alone. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Funke in the kitchen Funke Akindele is the popular star of the series titled “Jenifa diaries.”

Just two days after the politically incorrect statement of President Buhari, the newly married actress stated in an interview that she does not cook for her husband because he doesn’t allow her to do so.

This is in contrast to the clear view of President Buhari, who mentioned earlier this week in Germany that the first lady, Aisha belongs to his “kitchen, the living room and the other room.”
2016-10-20-10_39_18-vllkyt2ofpri0c259-3aa4a2c7-jpg-600x300-operaFunke and husband Jenifa as she’s also known recently married the new love of her life, JJC in a secret wedding in London. Their new marriage is all most women pray for as she reportedly said she’s being spoilt silly by the boo. According to her, JJC doesn’t allow her in the kitchen as when their chef is unavailable, they eat out.

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