Ace actor, Rasaq Olayiwola, also known as Ojopagogo, who has been solely enjoyed for his role as a herbalist and as aged personality in films, but seems the satisfaction is one-sided as they actor revealed he would have loved to act other role rather than been seen as someone not versatile.

Ojopagogo lamented been stereotyped as a herbalist in movies, adding that actors need to explore all characters available to him.

He said, “When I started acting, I did not start with the role of a herbalist. Alade Aromire was the first person that cast me as a herbalist in a movie and since then, people have started using me for the role of a herbalist. I have complained about it; in fact, last year, I had to hold a meeting with some stakeholders in our industry to let them know that they should use me for other movie roles instead of only using me for the role of a herbalist.

“They told me that it is due to the demand of the public but I would prefer to play other roles. Nowadays, if you insist that I should act the role of a herbalist in your movie, I do it but not with the same zeal I would use to portray other characters,” he said.

When asked what his dream role would be, the thespian stated that he would love to play the role of someone who terrorises people in movies.

Rasaq Olayiwola and wife, Moji

“One of my dream roles is to play the role of someone who terrorises others in a crime movie. I want to be featured in a crime movie and I want people to know that I am a versatile actor.

“Even if people would not want to cast me for that role, I can write a script that would depict my desire and I would shoot the movie. The journey into my acting career has been challenging; I have still not achieved what I want. I want to leave my footprints on the sands of time after I am dead and gone; money is not everything,” he said.


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