Tope Alabi is an household name in Nigeria and has been on top of the genre for years. Well, not that she released new song, but her dream to celebrate Christmas just came true in the new mansion.

The singer also give credits to her husband mode of administration, saying Soji Alabi has been tremendous in the ministry.

The mansion dedication led on Thursday by Pastor Femi Emmanuel of the Living Spring Chapel, Lagos.

The Mansion dedication on Thursday by Pastor Femi Emmanuel of the Living Spring Chapel, Lagos.

Located at Fagba, Iju Lagos, on two plotted land, the modern mansion oval frontal is a good end-of-the-year reward for anybody in the stringent year and tight economy.

Ending the year on a big note, as the singer has just dedicated and moved into her newly complete mansion, situated at Fagba, Iju Lagos.

Yes, the house opening, inspirational singers grace the event. 

Yes, the house opening, inspirational singers grace the event. The mansion is the result of the two years effort. It is really worth a celebrating!

Her mansion project was embarked two years ago and its sits atop two plots of land. A source said the proceeds from her singing career executed the house project.

Mrs. Alabi has now moved in to the new mansion from the former apartment she bought years ago.

Tope Alabi with her husband, Soji, of 16 years in marriage

Tope and Soji married 16 years ago. “For us to be in the ministry for over 16 years now is by the grace of God,” the singer said on her marriage.

“The administration of the ministry has been assigned to my husband and I don’t poke about at all. Mine is to prepare for programmes. Whenever he gives the signals that all is set, I am ready. If there is a need for any material— either for my own use or for the home— I make a request and he provides. God has been using him tremendously for me and the ministry. So, at no point in time did we ever quarrel over business issues. The business isn’t mine but his (Soji’s).”



Now its time to get filled.
Worship moment, as expected the gospel singer invited her mentees to grace the event




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