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MI Abaga fumes as music critic Osagie accuse him of mismanaging Chocolate City [Video]



MI Abaga, a Nigerian Rapper and Chocolate City ‘CEO’, got himself at loggerheads with music critic, Osagie, while on interview at the Pulse studio, after he was accused of mismanaging the leading record lable, Chocolate City and its view of Youtude drastically droppped under the leadership of the rapper.

It was such a hot seat for MI, as both used curse words on one another and Osagie was asked to apologise which he did.

Osaigie had also accused the leadership of MI as his Artistes on the label are buying Youtube views and that the flagship Artiste in Chocolate City is nothing much to write home about.

This didn’t sit well with the Rapper who lost his cool immediately and resorted to using curse words multiple times.

Video below

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