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Actress Keishaa Knight Pulliam, has declared she won’t be having natural birth, saying she was punk of pain.

37 year old former child-actress said this while on the last episode of the weekly podcast, Kandidly Keshia. She noted that she can follow all the drug prescriptions but having natural birth is far beyond what she could bear.

She said; “I am very clear: I want all the drugs. I have good insurance. I want every drug you could give me. I want to be smiling. I do not want to feel a human come through my vagina. I have no judgment for women who want to do [a natural birth] — more power to you — but I’m clear on who I am and that isn’t who I am. I am a punk for pain.”


Keshia is expecting her first child with estranged husband Ed Hartwell, who filed for divorce and demanded a paternity test the same week Keshia announced she was pregnant.


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