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Sensational singer Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele, best known as Sean Tizzle, revealed he is never a fan of a common trend of babymamas among celebrities but he would rather not advise abortion.

In the interview with Vanguard, the Sole hit maker added it was important to be careful in the choice of either abortion or having the baby. He said condoms are not even totally safe.

The 26 year old singer further said a girl told him some females are so desperate to hoke guys to the extent of putting holes in condoms and offer to their partner when he’s already in the mood. If such situation eventually lead to pregnancy, the guy might have no choice than to accept the baby.

“So, in such situation, what do you do? Would you just say she should go and kill the baby? No. But it’s good to get married and do it the right way”, add queried.

The singer answering why he is still single, said: “Maybe I’ve not seen the right girl. Even if I’m in a relationship, I will still like to keep it on a low-key because immediately they know that someone is my girlfriend, that’s when different temptations will start arising.”

About the things he wants in a woman, Sean Tizzle said all he wants is love, respect, and someone who will understand where he was coming from.

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