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Yemi Alade, who plunged N2.5M on a designer dress, says she doesn’t have a gold jewelry: ‘They are boring’

Yemi Alade has surprise for fans who criticised her for spending a whopping N2.5million on the Zuhair Murad dress she wore to the BET Awards event.

Speaking with Punch today, the ‘Johnny’ singer revealed that she doesn’t have a single gold jewellry because she finds them incredibly boring.

“I don’t have any. My mum has quite a number of them but I don’t have,” the award-winning singer says, adding, “I know gold is expensive and some people see it as investment. But to me, it is just jewellery.”

“It is even boring, it is just gold, it is just there and would even select your clothes,” she adds.


Days ago, when she shared photos from her BET experience, fans quickly looked up her designer dress and what followed was intense criticism for plunging the incredulous amount for a dress.

Beyond her dislike for gold, the singer also dished on her fashion style, what she thinks about her fellow BET nominees this year, and more.

See the excerpt:

On being nominated for the BET:

“This is actually the third time. But this is my first time of attending. I actually came for the BET experience. I have heard so much about BET experience and I decided to be a part of it this year.”

On if she was intimidated by the artistes nominated in same category:

Oh no! All the nominees are strong contenders, I understand. We are all doing well in our own right. Being nominated alone is something. There are lots of African artistes doing very well but have not been nominated and to be nominated in a category in BET award for the third time should be something to be proud of.

On how much her career has changed her:

I am myself. It is just that being a popular person doesn’t permit me to do some certain things I would have loved to do. I would have just been a regular girl next door and take walks on the streets. I like walking. But now, I can’t just wake up and start walking. I may be lynched.

But you were relatively unknown until Johnny…

That is one of the songs people know me with.  But the song wasn’t my first song. I have been behind the scene for many years trying to make it work. At the age of 15, I was already signed to Storm Records. But my career became more serious after Peak Talent Hunt. That was when I released my own solo single in which I featured Eldee at that time. It has been a journey of many years.  I am thankful for where I am now.

On her genre of music:

I like to call my genre afropolitan. It is a mix of both African sounds and western sounds. I have four genres in my class of music and they include highlife, afrobeat, pop and R&B.

On her impeccable style:

When it comes to hairstyle, this is what I know. I don’t know how to take care of weaves and hair extensions. If a stylist isn’t there, my hair would turn out horrible, I would look like somebody who just got hit by a car. I may have everything I need to make the hair look good but once I am the one doing it, it can never work. I decided to go natural and since then, I am fine. I sleep and wake up and just do a bit of touch up and I am fine. It suits me and I love it.

On her fashion fetish:

I love shoes. I have stopped counting the number of shoes I have. But shoes are never enough for every woman. But my fashion fetish is sunglasses.

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