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Why I dumped Islam – Bobrisky




Cross-dressing and bleaching advocate, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, has explained why he is not a practicing Muslim.

The Ogun-State born cross dresser, born into a Muslim background noted that his way of life does not go in tune with Islam.

In a chat with Vanguard, Bobrisky, fondly called “Africa’s First Male Barbie said, “I am not a practicing Muslim.

“If I have to be a practicing Muslim, I will have to do ablution five times a day and apply make-up after each ablution and that will be very stressful.

“I started going to church as an undergraduate. My room-mate was one of the executives of the Christian Fellowship.

“So I got fascinated and usually joined them to pray. I know prayer works and do that daily.

“My Muslim name is Idris. I don’t really have a Christian name. But I use ‘Olanrewaju’ as cover; by this, people will not know if I am a Christian or a Muslim.”

On how his father reacted to his ‘new’ religion, the 25-year-old said, “I love my dad so much. He didn’t and will never force a particular religion on any of his children. He will only advise us to be close to God.

“My elder sister used to be a Muslim but changed to a Christian after marrying a Christian man. In fact, she is now a pastor in Kaduna.”

Asked if he is in a relationship, the male Barbie continued, “I am in a relationship but it’s ‘coded’. You don’t expect me to tell the world about my relationship. My marriage should be a breaking news. Let people say whatever they like now, I want the news about my marriage to be shocking, that is my dream.

“Many women come to me, even on Snapchat. Some will even curse me to gain my attention but they don’t get it. This gets them so mad and leave them with no other choice than to think I’m gay. Many women admire me but believe I am gay. Some will even tell me to only sleep with them. I get different comments even from older women.”

Bobrisky however noted that he is not really into women.

He said, “I am not a womaniser but that does not mean I can’t get down with a woman. One man’s food is another man’s poison. I am not the type who really loves sex or women. It takes a while for me to get into relationships. I went to a boarding school so I have been trained to be indoor.

“You hardly see me everywhere which makes it difficult to really be into women. I am only popular because God wants me to. I hardly attend parties or grant interviews. I didn’t struggle to be out there. Some habits are peculiar to men like drinking, smoking etc.”

Bobrisky, whose sexual orientation had sparked up controversies as he has neither identified as gay or straight, said, “I am very straight. People fail to understand that I am only using what I have to get what I need.

“One can use any logic to achieve his dream or put food on one’s table as long as you don’t kill or steal from others. I am into cosmetics and Nigerian ladies love cosmetics a lot. I am only doing something to make myself different from many others who are into this same business of mine just to get people’s attention.

“And thank God that I have more customers than you can imagine, though I receive many bad comments. There should be a form of evidence before you can call anyone gay.

“There is a law that frowns at gay marriage but I don’t think there is any law that says a man should be persecuted if he chooses to look like a girl. I am not impersonating, I only chose to have the shade of a girl.

“I am a guy and many people know I am a guy. I have said this many times even in a live chat that I am straight. I am only doing this to get more attention and customers. Anyway, they can choose to say anything they like.

“I didn’t undergo any transgender operation. I only apply cream on my skin. If I had undergone such operation, I will have breasts. I have been like this from childhood. It is only my look that has changed and that is because of the cream which makes me fairer and my make-ups.”

‘She’ further noted that marriage is not on ‘her’ agenda at the moment.

“I am just 25 years and not a woman who is scared of menopause. I still want to enjoy my money. I will be restricted from certain things if I settle down now. I see marriage as a cage.

“Imagine, if I am married and now find myself in this present situation, the lady in question will feel insecure. Marriage for me is a big issue. My girlfriend is in London and she has been calling me to know the situation of things.

“She sent me a text that almost moved me to tears. I also have many male admirers who want me to be their sexual partners. I get about two to three guys who want to get down with me everyday. I am very fair that people get attracted to me easily.

“But they don’t see me as a guy. I know I have to be careful in order to achieve my dreams,” Bobrisky quipped.



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