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None of us in the royal family want to be king or queen— Prince Harry



Prince Harry; father, Prince Charles and brother, Prince William

Prince Harry has made the privilege of being member of a royal family looks as something no one should crave or admire, even as he said none of them is aspiring to take up the duty of king or queen.

In case you missed it (really, where were you?), Prince Harry said in an interview with Newsweek that: “Is there any one of the Royal Family who wants to be king or queen? I don’t think so.”

We believe the Prince’s statement must be born out of consensus, the disposition of most of the royal family members.

There’s nothing like a good old royal rumpus to lighten the mood in the midst of grim times. Prince Harry has provided us with a humdinger. You could even say that he’s discharging his duty with aplomb in stirring it up. Duty is, after all, what the Windsor family is supposed to be all about, and that duty is what the latest fuss is all about.

Well, don’t be afraid. Prince Harry is not a direct line to the throne, four years ago when Prince George was born. There’s even another child from Prince William and great granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Charlotte. With this, one might not really need to worry, since Prince Harry is on number 5 in order of succession to the throne of British throne.

Nevertheless, that did not stop tabloid headlines, analyses from pages (including this one) from talking about it.


The truth will not also stop commentators from pushing their pen in Prince Harry’s direction, especially as he plans to take his American actress wife-to-be, Meghan Markle, to the altar next year May.