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Rihanna super curvy: If that’s too much for Hassan, he can take a walk



Rihanna shook over the internet with her new curvaceous look, she indeed look incredible.

The 29-year-old singer is looking thick as hell lately. Rihanna is gorgeous and the internet can’t just ignore but adore her raving curves.

The Rihanna Navy even launched the hashtag #Thickanna to celebrate her amazing body! Rihanna totally agrees with their love, by the way. She’s feeling herself hard, and wants the men in her life to accept that. If boyfriend Hassan Jameel doesn’t like it, then he’s getting the boot!

A source to her said, “Rihanna is happy and feels sexy and more confident than ever with her new curves.

“She wants a man who can handle her and is not intimidated by her femininity. She thinks she looks fabulous and is not going to change for anyone. She is definitely not going to change for a man. She wants a guy who can handle everything she brings to the table, and if Hassan or Drake can’t handle it then they take a walk.”

Tell ’em, girl. It doesn’t seem like she needs to worry about Hassan reacting negatively over her new figure. Her boyfriend’s totally obsessed with her!

He’s treating her “like a princess,” a separate source said, and she’s never been with such a sweet guy. The other men in her life are so jealous about her new relationship. Ex Chris Brown, 28, is so distraught that he’s apparently “keeping tabs” on her and her lover life. Though Rihanna and Hassan haven’t been dating for too long, they’re already talking marriage because they feel so strongly about each other.

There’s no doubt that Hassan has seen all of the killer looks Rihanna’s been rocking at the various Valerian

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