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Jim Iyke: I am the confluence of global cultural diversity, it’s in my DNA



Nollywood fashionista, Jim Iyke’s recent comment is informing us of what stuff is made of: “confluence of global cultural diversity”.

The actor is renown for role-playing steamy romance, and Nollywood ‘bad boy’ before he went global, touring countries.

Jim Iyke took to Instagram to expressed himself, saying no matter how, when or what he puts on, the fashion is embedded into his DNA and did not need to struggle to look stylish.

According to him, he has a sense of style constantly.


He said: ‘Whether I’m rocking an overpriced jacket on the streets of champs Elysees or rocking rubber flip flops soaking up the adulation of the street in the slums of Kibera, it matters none.

“Unshaven for weeks with morning breathe rocking a palm oil stained old tee telling bad jokes with my sisters in my man cave or well groomed in handmade rare leather loafers makes no difference. It changes nothing. I am the confluence of global cultural diversity. I’ve meticulously and resiliently self tutored its complexity into my DNA by trial and error.’

Definitely, we can relate with Jim Iyke on this, as his fashion sense is unbeatable.

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