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Anita Okoye share more photos of their new baby twins, Nathan and Nadia



paul okoye twins

Unlike most celebrities who will hide identities of their baby, Paul and Anita Okoye are made of different materials.

Anita who recently gave birth to set of twins, boy, Nathan and girl, Nadia, in U.S. hospital took to Instagram to appreciate God for safe delivery with photos of her babies.

She wrote; “I am so thankful for all the warm messages, prayers and gifts I have received since the arrival of our babies. God bless everyone of you for celebrating with us. Thanks to God Almighty for blessing us far more than we deserve, for replacing and restoring all that we had lost… Thank you to my family and friends for the constant prayers and positivity throughout my pregnancy.

“I am especially thankful to my Labour Squad without whom I have no idea what I would have done! They made sure I didn’t have any worries, the best they could… threw me an amazing baby shower and stayed with me throughout my Labour and delivery!! My Labour Squad made everything seem so blissful and positive… my Labour Squad consists of outstanding individuals who dropped everything to be there for me during my pregnancy and at the birth of the twins: My mom, Aunties, cousins, nanny.
“I don’t know how I can ever express the level of gratitude I feel… God bless you all so much!! Thank you!!!! To my MVP Chinonso, who left everything including her own 3 kids to be there for me… I have no idea how I can ever repay you!!! She literally helped us in choosing the best doctor and hospital and held my leg and coached me during the natural birth process of the twins…God bless you and your family!!! Thanks to Theresa for documenting the entire process and editing the videos, I cannot stop laughing and tearing up and appreciating God! Thank you all so much again!
Love Anita!!!
More photos and videos below…

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