How to get best car insurance as learner driver

How to get best car insurance as learner driver

When all you are a learner driver, prevailing policy restricts you from having full car insurance.

With learner driver insurance, it becomes easy to get extra practice in your own car. You can practise on a friend or family member’s car from. These have no impact on the owner’s no claims bonus.

When driving someone else’s car, learner drivers are not mandated to engage full insurance. Your insurance will be side-by-side wth qualified driver’s existing insurance.

The learner driver insurance, therefore, offers full cover in case of accident. It also offers protection for the car owner’s no claims bonus on their insurance policy.

It’s a stress finding a company that will offer low premium for learners because of high chances of accidents.

Find below some considerations and factors that can guarantee lower insurance rate as a learner driver:

1. Don’t use higher-grader cars

With higher-grade cars, you will have to pay higher insurance rates. You are guanrateed low rate with lower-grade cars, as they will consume lesser fuel and have less maintenance.

Examples of best cars for lerner drivers are compact cars with tiny engines, so as to earn lower premium. It is not advisable to invest in luxury cars like Bentley.

Rather, invest more in safety features that can lower your chances of getting into accident. This will also lower your premiums. Airbags, seat beats are examples of safety feature to equip your car with and lower your insurance rates.

2. Have more milage

With higher road miles under your belt, insurance companies with consider your the more. Insurance for learner drivers is more expensive than for experienced drivers for this very reason.

The more you drive, the more experienced and smooth you become, and lesser chance to get into accident. And this is evident in your car milage.

So car insurance will consider car miles to agree and grant lower premiums, if road miles discount is included in the company’s terms and conditions

3. Don’t rush to choose of car insurance company.

Visit wide range of insurance companies that presents special coverage for learner drivers. Also consider their different premium rates and quotes, and other variables that suits you.

Make due diligence to find among the insurance comanies which offer best.

4. Settle for best deal.

Internet is your friend when it comes to finding best quotes for learner car insurance. Make neccessarily comparison on insurers to get best deal. There are insurance comparison site out there; try them.

Insurance for learner drivers might be an expensive task, but it will pay off when you plan well with above strategies to avail yourself of best insurance company.


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